The Senior Executive Institute (SEI) at the University of Virginia offers top local government executives and department directors of large localities strategies and hands-on techniques to skillfully navigate the complex and fast-changing world of local government. It consists of a two-week class taught by subject matter experts and local government practitioners focused on creating well-equipped, agile, and high performing local governments.


What Leaders Face

The world of the public manager and leader is evolving at a speed that challenges even the most robust organizations.

  • Local governments are increasingly being asked to do more with less.
  • Federal and state support is declining.
  • Citizens are demanding a more caring, responsive government.
  • New technology is revolutionizing public service.
  • Dynamics and relationships with elected officials have changed.

To respond to these forces, our local governments must become laboratories for a new style of organization - one grounded in basic democratic values and guided by a collective vision of community-building and empowerment. To take our communities confidently into the future, public leaders and executives must adopt a proactive approach to change both inside the public organization and outside in the community. They must invest the time and resources required to create and maintain a continuously improving, learning organization.

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What SEI Offers

SEI programs provide local government leaders essential skills they can directly apply in their organizations to make positive change. In every SEI program, participants will

  • Examine, discuss and apply the most relevant and powerful leadership practices, with focused discussions on the distinct and complex experiences of local government leaders
  • Develop interpersonal skills and community and organizational leadership skills
  • Leave the SEI session with a clear roadmap of the concepts learned and how they can be applied to their organizations immediately
  • Develop a deeper understanding of inclusive leadership through sessions specifically focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion


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If you would like to learn more about the Senior Executive Institute, please contact Molly Harlow: | 434- 987-0331 or Shirley Hamblet: (preferred) | Office: 434-243-5031 | Cell: 727-744-0573