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Leading, Educating and Developing (LEAD) - Program Information

To take our communities confidently into the future, public leaders and executives must adopt a proactive approach to change both inside the public organization and outside in the community. They must invest the time and resources required for themselves and their leadership team to create and maintain a continuously improving, learning organization.

LEAD is a 1-week intensive program run several times throughout the year. It complements the Senior Executive Institute (SEI) by duplicating the core learning experience for the level of department heads, division heads, and senior staff of local government organizations.

The LEAD program will cover the dynamics of crafting a high performance government. The critical change ingredients are discussed and ways to encourage positive, organizational growth and evolution.

An integral component of this initiative is the incorporation of democratic principles and values into the structure and management philosophy of the entire organization. The result is enhanced participation and accountability of personnel at all levels. Concerted, meaningful collaboration translates into creative, innovative solutions and responsive, high-quality service.

Explore the gap between present, entrenched bureaucratic structures and systems and new organizational designs based on democratic values. Experience the excitement of envisioning a healthier, more flexible government that is prepared to interact effectively with its citizenry.

You are invited to join other local government colleagues from around the world on a powerful, practical exploration of the multi-faceted world of local government. As a participant, you will have ample opportunity to practice the skills and test the strategies you will need to build a high performance government.