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SEI Learning Experience

The SEI experience reflects the environment and culture that these programs endorse. The underlying philosophy stresses interactive learning: everyone teaches, everyone learns. In the team setting, participants integrate the separate segments of the program and address individual concerns and strategies.

But leaders need more that theory. The critical components of SEI include clear action plans, the experiences of others in the profession, and ongoing advice from seasoned practitioners. A senior local government manager attends both programs, resides with participants, and serves as a valuable resource and advisor.

Health and Fitness Options
An optional morning fitness program encourages SEI participants to maintain a healthy and fit body and an alert mind capable of coping creatively and positively with change and stress. The University's athletic facilities are available to all participants.

Team Building
An experiential day gives participants a change of pace and the opportunity to explore cooperation, appreciation, and resourcefulness in a natural setting.

"Give about 2 hours everyday to exercise, for health must not be sacrificed to learning. A strong body makes the mind strong."


Thomas Jefferson