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Support SEI and LEAD

SEI is an incomparable experience.  We need your support to make SEI a reality for local government leaders who lack the resources to attend.  Please click on the link below to make a donation to support a scholarship fund to the Senior Executive Institute.

Your contribution is tax deductible. The donations will be managed by a committee of SEI alumni and advisors.

If you prefer to pay by check, make check payable to "SEI Support Fund" and mail it to: SEI Support Fund, ATTN: Melanie Gillies, Center for Public Service, P.O. Box 400206, Charlottesville, VA  22904-4206.

If you prefer to make your gift online, please visit the link below. The online form will allow you to specify the "Cooper Center Senior Executive Institute" as the recipient of your gift.

Please contact Mel Gillies at with any questions. Thank you for your commitment to SEI.  You make a difference!


"SEI was a transformative experience for me.  It connected the dots between my job as a local government manger and the higher moral purpose served by the democratic process.  SEI made one of the hardest jobs in the world fun and fulfilling by transforming frustration with a political process into excitement over a governance process.  It has helped me empower my departments and staff, not by managing them, but by needing, challenging and trusting them.  I still have high expectations, but they are now accompanied by an authentic connection to all of my staff that goes beyond the job.  I think I am a far better manager in all capacities because of SEI.  This includes enabling our elected body to govern, building community and creating a world class organization. A true testament to SEI is the number of chief administrative officers who send members of their staff through the program after attending it themselves.  I and one of my staff received a partial scholarship to attend SEI which enabled our small organization to reap the program’s leadership benefits.  Without the scholarship, a small community would struggle to send staff to such a rewarding program." C. James Ervin, Town Manager, Town of Rocky Mount, Virginia