Melanie Gillies

Melanie Gillies
Poet and Imagineer

Melanie Gillies has been involved with the Senior Executive Institute since 1986, one year after its charter program. After receiving her master’s degree, she became a full time staff member at the Center and was instrumental in the development and evolution of the LEAD program (formerly known as MEP.)

Melanie is involved with the Virginia Local Government Management Association (VLGMA) and provides staff support for several of their committees and activities.

Melanie attended both Colgate University and U.Va. as an undergraduate and has a master’s degree in public administration from U.Va. She grew up in Philadelphia and returned to Charlottesville after living two years in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Prior to that, she lived in France for two years.

What does public service mean to you?

Public service is my opportunity to give back. I am so grateful to be involved in providing leadership training for local government professionals. They are the heart, soul and muscle of local government. It is so rewarding to have a role in improving the quality of local governance by enhancing their leadership, competence and vision.